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Chasing Away Customers Club

This seminar draws attention to what must always be a priority in business: 'focusing on the customer'.

Harry doesn't only discuss customer satisfaction, because that isn't enough. It's mainly about making a difference and adding extra value in a consistent manner!

He illustrates how a company can make a difference by putting its objectives, identity and customer values first in everything it does.

Lots of training sessions, lectures and seminars about 'customer-friendliness' are not effective because they don't engage the target group. People have heard it all before and ‘know it already’. But the concept of the ‘Chasing Away Customers Club’ brings clear change.

The Chasing Away Customers Club seminar lists the do’s and don'ts with customers in such a sophisticated and humorous way that the effects will still be visible months later.

Of course this occurs after talking to the client. Clients can indicate various points for attention and improvement, which are then subtly integrated in the lecture. Thanks to the playful ‘Driving Away Customers’ theme you'll never have to raise an admonishing finger again.

The tone changes as the lecture progresses and the ‘Driving Away Customers’ theme turns into tips and tricks for dealing with customers properly!

Success is guaranteed and your employees will be grateful that they were allowed to attend!!!


Harry has been ‘focusing on the customer’ for more than 25 years, both in practice and in theory. He worked in retail for years and has bundled his experiences in talks and training sessions that are successful in Belgium and abroad.

Thanks to his ability to wrap things in intelligent humour (the CAC title is a great example), no one forgets the essence of his talks. The Chasing Away Customers Club is an international concept that was developed by his friend, mentor and colleague Guido Thys, who is active in the Netherlands. Both Guido and Harry have polished the concept into an always up-to-date lecture.


1)This talk lasts about one hour (including the short interactive workshop)

2)The talk can be expanded with a workshop (+/- two hours)

3)Or it can be turned into a complete training session on customer-friendliness (4 hours)

Harry van Hest - Chasing Away Customers Club

Harry van Hest - video - Chasing Away Customers Club
Chasing Away Customers Club - gebracht door gastspreker Harry van Hest


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