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Tomorrow's customers

During this probing lecture, which is sprinkled with suitable humour, Harry presents the results of a customer survey that was conducted into what ‘tomorrow's consumer’ expects from companies in your sector.

Are we 'currently' approaching tomorrow's customers as they expect us to?

Over the last few years our customers have been taking their own initiative. More than 75% use the internet to look up information and compare items. As a result, customers feel like they are in control. This also means that the relationship with our customers is completely different than it used to be. And the digital evolution will not stop! If we want more sales and good profit margins we will have to anticipate smartly!

This depends on the way that everyone in your organisation deals with the factors that influence creating ‘value’ for customers every day.

Based on a dozen in-depth discussions, this lecture collects the essential properties that only successful companies and people seems to have when dealing with customers.

Have you ever heard of purple cows in blue oceans?

Are you busy enough with competing, innovating and changing your thinking?

Harry clarifies the elementary factors that will have a very big influence on the flow of customers to your company/organisation in the future in a way that everyone can understand.

Your audience will have a lot to think about and everyone will be wearing the shoe that fits them best.


1) This talk lasts about one hour (including the short interactive workshop)

2) The talk can be expanded with a workshop (+/- two hours)

3) Or it can be turned into a complete training session on customer-friendliness (4 hours)

Harry van Hest - Tomorrow's customers

Harry van Hest - video: Tomorrow's customers
Tomorrow's customers - gebracht door gastspreker Harry van Hest


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