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Communication or Clummunication

The larger your company or organisation, the more important, and often the more difficult, communication becomes.

We are not talking about your electronic/digital communication because that's probably perfect. We focus on ‘interpersonal’ communication.

This lecture teaches us that employees express much more with their body language than with the words that they speak. During job interviews or assessments you'll gain a lot of time and save lots of energy by observing candidates in the right manner.

But when you do speak, it's very important that what is said is also interpreted in the intended manner by the ‘receiver’. Redefining, efficient assertiveness, avoiding toxic language, ‘walk your talk’, storytelling and learning to ‘listen’ are crucial.

If there are tensions or conflicts in a company, the correct communication is the best way to grow towards efficient and sustainable solutions for all parties.

For each of the parties it's important to monitor and/or be able to detect potential stress.

All these items and possibly some extra elements that are bottlenecks in your company (to be discussed during the intake) will be covered in this lecture in an efficient, interactive and, above all, humoristic manner suited to your audience. The audience will be given tools so they can start immediately using what they've learned.

When you invite Harry to your company, organisation or your event, the audience is sure to communicate enthusiastically afterwards!


Harry van Hest is a communicator ‘pur sang’; it's in his genes. That has been true since he started his career as an event manager at Roularta Publishing. Via his activities in the press, he became acquainted with the business world from different angles.

Supplemented with years of experience as a radio and television presenter, he has developed a lecture for optimising interpersonal communication on various levels.

He also pays attention to every form of digital communication, but he mainly focuses on how diverse generations deal with the new forms of communication, each in their own way, and how they can be managed positively in a company.


1)Basic programme - 1 hour Communicating optimally, body language, strategic use of words, stress management, personal branding, storytelling, clothing and using colour, etc.

2) If desired supplemented with workshops (see training sessions and skill coaching)

from 30 to 60 minutes (or more):

3) These lectures/workshops are also very suitable for students and job-seekers. (tips for exams, job applications, etc.)


Speed dating

This is definitely Harry’s cup of tea. Ensuring that all the participants become acquainted with all the colleagues in as little time as possible while getting an impression of what happens in other departments. Since Harry is a ‘communicator pur sang’, he is able to keep things relaxed, entertaining and fun!

Harry van Hest - Communication or Clummunication

Harry van Hest - video: Communication or Clummunication
Communication or Clummunication - gebracht door gastspreker Harry van Hest


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