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Guide to ‘job satisfaction’ by choosing the right studies and/or profession


Research has been done into final-year students and employers. On the one hand it looked at their choice of profession and on the other hand at the job satisfaction of average employees. This was in response to a study that appeared in the United States that stated that 70% (!) of US employees are not satisfied with the kind of work they are doing!

Of course this has to do with the right choice of studies and/or profession at pivotal moments in one's life or career.

In this economic climate, where employers do all they can to keep their personnel, it seemed appropriate to develop a programme that tackles this problem by the roots.

Those roots are the educational choices that students make at different levels.

If those choices are made correctly, graduates leave school with the right diplomas, enter the right work environment, and their job satisfaction and retention will automatically be much higher.

Passion !!!

The concept of PASSION underpins all this.

If students are busy with their studies consciously and with passion, and earn their degree, they will be motivated employees.

And if employees perform their daily tasks with passion, companies will score on every level!


Students at pivotal moments of their education Just before switching to secondary school or just before choosing a university or college degree programme, or just after completing higher education, before entering the world of work with passion => a successful career

Employees whose company gives them the opportunity to retrain or go back to school. ‘Lifelong learning’ will be the ‘leitmotiv’ of the coming years. If employers and employees invest together in extra training, it will be easy to make the right choice => higher retention.

Job-seekers (e.g. via interim agencies, job fairs, umbrella organisations for job centres, training institutes, etc.) are given a customised ‘passport’ thanks to this workshop. It outlines which direction they might find a job that suits their capacities and interests => job satisfaction.


Harry has been active as a keynote speaker and trainer for many years. As a trainer he gives lectures and training sessions to diverse target groups. Those activities are mainly situated in the business world. That's where he noticed the problem of choosing the wrong studies and/or profession.

That's why Harry developed this new programme that's aimed at today's young adults and at anyone who is prepared to think about new horizons.


This programme consists of an enthusiastic and creative basic seminar of 60 to 90 minutes that makes participants aware of the concept.

If desired it can be followed by an extensive workshop in which each individual is assisted in filling out a matrix that determines their ‘Passion Pyramids’ based on their personal ‘Values’, ‘Interests’, ‘Skills’ and ‘Ambitions’.

This means that people who enter the programme will acquire a ‘passport’ that states which direction they should look with regard to choice of studies or type of job.

In a second phase the basic package can be expanded to a half day or full day with other speakers and customised entertainment.


Harry van Hest - video: PASSION PYRAMIDS
PASSION PYRAMIDS - gebracht door gastspreker Harry van Hest


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