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How to improve contact with customers

Subject: an intensive training session about how to deal with customers better, including role-playing

‘The customer must be central, focus on the customer, the customer pays our wages’ - it's not hard to ‘say’ that but making it truly concrete is much more interesting!

We all know it and everyone feels that they are doing well, but during this training session we will sit together and evaluate the current situation and find a way to evolve.

The training session covers:

- ‘Retail’ and ‘relationship’, is there a difference?

- Customer loyalty doesn't exist! Companies must be loyal to their customers!

- How to welcome a customer (without it becoming a stereotypical cliché!)

- A customer that looks and/or asks - we pay attention to them and help them!

- What can we learn from a customer who doesn't make a purchase?

- What can we learn from a customer's complaint?

- What are the customers' negative and positive expectations?

- How important is innovation to our customers?

- When can we write Service with a capital letter?

- Are our payment facilities really ‘convenient’?

- Is a website/webshop needed for our type of trade?

- How important are social media for us and our customers?

- If a customer gives a compliment, ask them to put it on social media!

- How do we really pay attention to our customers?

- Do we dare to be empathetic to our customers?


- How to truly welcome customers

- How to ask open questions

- How to optimise our body language towards customers

- Etc.

We summarise everything via role-playing


Harry’s parents had a bookshop, so as a child he knew that his dinner, the quantity of toys he received and, in fact, his entire life was determined by ‘the customer’.

Harry started working in retail as (what he calls) a ‘job student’. He worked at a bank, at A.S.Adventure, an electronics shop, a bookshop, a coffee-house and he sold also encyclopaedia Brittanica door to door. He also sold detergents and cleaning products to hotels, restaurants and pubs. In short, he knows the ropes.

This definitely helped when his real professional life began and he received a chance at Roularta Publishing, where his business card read ‘Sales Promoter’. By canvassing for ads he became acquainted with every sector, and when he was promoted to event manager, achieving good figures remained the most important target.

Since then ‘customers’ have left a deep impression on him. Later, when he became a presenter, he worked at regional televisions stations on a customer-oriented, live-style programme. From there, the transition to guest speaker and trainer was easy. That the Chasing Away Customers Club (see lectures) would become his ‘signature keynote’ was written in the stars.


Two 4-hour sessions for groups of preferably minimum 6 and maximum 20 people

Harry van Hest - How to improve contact with customers

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