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Influential Communication

Subject: ‘What do we need to change and to prepare for this new future?’

Is digital communication a final destination or an intermediate stop like printing once was?

It's clear that we can no longer do without digital communication. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this website. But at one time people thought printing was ‘indispensable’ and a final destination, yet printing is slowly being surpassed by the ‘new digital’.

That's why the essence of the communication that influences our lives from the moment we are born until we ‘lay down our weary head’ still remains the spoken word.

Moreover, good communication starts and ends with listening and observing. That is the essence of this workshop's programme.

It can cover (determined in joint consultation):

- Optimising body language (in sales)

- More efficient meetings

- More efficient phone calls

- Better networking (internal and/or external)

- Improving communication between men and women in the workplace

- Avoiding toxic language (saying the wrong thing but with good intentions - this brings down results)

- Speaking with passion (also in one-to-one conversations)

- How to give a good product presentation

- Using PowerPoint

- (etc. can be discussed during the intake)


Harry is a born communicator.

Not that this was immediately noticeable at the beginning of his ‘public life’. He was a shy student but he quickly understood that verbal flexibility and enthusiastic body language are important assets in social situations and when doing business. He became an experienced networker (see workshop ‘Offline networking with impact’) who feels at home in the events world, in show business, in commercial circuits and in social circuits in general. Harry gladly shares those experiences and skills with you during this training session.


One 4-hour session for groups of preferably minimum 6 and maximum 20 people

These lectures/workshops are also very suitable for students and job-seekers. (tips for exams, job applications, etc.)


Speed dating

This is definitely Harry’s cup of tea. Ensuring that all the participants become acquainted with all the colleagues in attendance in as little time as possible while getting an impression of what happens in other departments. Since Harry is a communicator ‘pur sang’, he is able to keep things relaxed, entertaining and humorous!

Harry van Hest - Influential Communication

Harry van Hest - video: Influential Communication
Influential Communication - gebracht door gastspreker Harry van Hest

Harry van Hest - video: Influential Communication
Influential Communication - gebracht door gastspreker Harry van Hest


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